across two countries, across two cultures

January 18, 2010

Hi there !

My name is Marta and I’m a freelance translator. I’m an Italian native and I live in Switzerland, where I was born.¬†Switzerland has 4 national languages, Italian together with German, French and Romansh.

And that’s also why I feel as if I’m living across two countries, and across two cultures. Despite what people may think, there are a lot of differences between Swiss Italian and Italian (of Italy) and that’s why I often get job about localizing contents for Swiss Italian.

But the real thing is we also think differently. Even if we live close to each other (in fact I live about 500 meters from the border between Italy and Switzerland, so we live very close to each other!!!) being on one side or the other of the border makes a lot of difference.

And this is one of the reasons why I choose to name my blog and website swissqualityatwork. Because that’s what it is !!!

Let’s make it a great week.

Marta Brambilla